About Us

Who we are

image_1A Gym that focuses on Gymnastics.

After a career in the gymnastics business, one can see the erosion of the sport by some gyms simply trying to fill to the brim.

At Powerhouse, we put the sport first.  We believe that focusing on the gymnastics is the best way to achieve the long term benefits of youth athletics.  We do our very best to instill values in our gymnasts like hard work, teamwork, determination and an unwavering competitive spirit.

Lasting Benefits

The pursuit of perfection is something that we hope to pass on to all of our gymnasts.

Life throws us all curveballs.  Parents know this better than most.  The act of setting goals, striving to do your best, and achieving those goals spills over from gymnastics into all aspects of life.

image_2Whether our gymnasts are taking a math test, applying to college, or starting their first job, competitive athletics has been scientifically shown to give children, young adults, and career professionals an edge.

Allowing us to coach your children is an honor and privilege, and it's our goal to form symbiotic relationships with parents, schools, and our community to give our athletes the best training an education we know how.

Our Core Values

  • 01Physical Fitness The physical health of our athletes and children is essential and impactful to the development of their bodies and their brains.
  • 02Positivity A positive environment gives our athletes a safe haven to grow and learn.
  • 03Competition The competitive attitude is the tool that our athletes take with them into the gymnastics meet, classroom, and boardroom.
  • 04Determination While competition gives our athletes the will to win, determination is the engine that will get them there.  
  • 05Team No one can do it alone.  The power of team will let our athletes do more together than they ever would have been able to on their own.