15 Ideas for Staying Active Through the Winter

It might be cold, windy, and snowy with a dash of polar vortex coming through Wadsworth this winter but you can stay active through the winter with these 15 ideas for kids and parents.

  1. Turn off the television, video games, and tablets. Take out the paper, crayons, and glue for an art experience.
  2. Video game exception. There are video games like the dance-themed ones that offer the opportunity for kids (and adults) to be active while playing. We think these are a great option for staying active through our long winters.
  3. Dance party! Keep it fun when you turn up the tunes and just go crazy with your dance moves.
  4. Take the stairs. Whether you’re at home or running errands, take the stairs whenever possible. It’s good for your heart health!
  5. Park farther away. Don’t take the closest spot especially on the unseasonably warm winter days. Instead, park farther away and get in a few extra steps.
  6. Run free. Let the kids run through the house especially on those days when it’s too cold or snowy to go outside. They’ve got to get that energy out!
  7. Sledding and other winter sports. Be cautious of protecting your child athlete while also having fun and giving them an outlet for their energy by going sledding or winter hiking. Make it an adventure post-snowstorm and take a walk through the neighborhood.
  8. Shovel your way through winter. While you’re out exploring, have the kids help neighbors’ clear snow from sidewalks and driveways.
  9. DIY experience. That old refrigerator box in the garage? Put it to good use by building a tunnel or house of cardboard and let the kids use their imaginations. Better yet, let the kids figure out what they’re going to do with the extra boxes!
  10. Walk the mall. You thought walking the mall was just for the older adults, didn’t you? Well, anyone is welcome to walk malls so strap on the sneakers and head over for some much-needed exercise!
  11. Obstacle course. Ask the kids to create an obstacle course through the yard or playroom using only things they can find around the house.
  12. Make a list of things to do. Our friend asked her kids to make a list of things to do when they’re bored in the winter. She said it took the kids a chunk of time just to create the list and then they used it over breaks and snow days to stay busy. They can’t say they’re bored if they’ve got a list!
  13. Workout videos. You can bust out your Jane Fonda workouts from the 1980’s or - and perhaps a better option - go online and find workouts you can do from home. If you’re looking to channel energy for sleep time, try yoga or meditation.
  14. Meal preparation. Flu and colds can be prevented with basics like eating healthy. Let the kids help you with meal preparation like 30 days of crock pot freezer meals.
  15. Make it a competition. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of competition. Who can do the most push-ups? Who can do 50 jumping jacks in two minutes or less? Let them make up their own (safe) competitions.

To keep kids active through winter it’s important to include creativity along with an activity. It seems to hold their interest longer and will keep them out of your hair for a while longer! Stay warm and have a happy holiday season!

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