Back When I Was A Kid…

I fully recognize two things today. The first is that I am about to date myself and the second is that I am now of the age where I am starting to sound like my mother. I fully embrace both of these when I tell you that back when I was a kid in the 1970’s and 1980’s, we spent our summers entertaining ourselves, riding in station wagons without seatbelts, and biking all over town in search of the best game to play with the coolest kids. It was an amazing time that kids today, for any number of reasons, may not ever get to experience.

The Restrictions

My dad was a high school teacher and my mother worked full-time. That meant my dad was home with us most summers but he wasn’t overly protective….as long as we got our chores completed before leaving the house. The punishment for not complying included restrictions on how much time we could spend wandering the neighborhood on our bikes or watching television.

Truth be told, we’d wait until we saw my dad’s car coming down the street from running errands until we shut off the television and got to chores. When I think about that now, I wonder how many times my dad felt the hot, barely turned off, television, and turned it on only to find out we’d not only been watching television but that new (and off-limits) channel called MTV. (See, I told you I’d date myself!)

The Reality 

As an adult with three step kids, I understand the reality of my dad’s summer restrictions. He wanted us to be responsible, to complete the tasks of helping at home, before the reward of spending time with our friends. It’s the same challenge we face at our house. Time spent on video games takes you away from the three dimensional people that love you.

The Challenge

The challenges faced by kids and parents today compared to back when I was a kid are a competing menu of options - divorced parents, split households, social media, video games, extreme summer weather, fear of kidnapping (whether or not Wadsworth parents want to admit it, there’s always a risk in letting our kids out of the house on their own as we likely got to do), and a culture steeped in being online -- all make it challenging to get kids out of the house, especially in the summer.

That’s where we can help. At Powerhouse Gymnastics, we create a safe environment for your children to interact with each other and with our team of well-qualified coaches and teachers, to develop skills outside a traditional classroom. Whether you’re a parent who was a child in the 1970’s or 1990’s, we’re here to get your kids out of the house and into programs designed for their fun and education. Contact us today to learn more about Ninja Zone and other programs that we offer.

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