Getting into the Back to School Routine

Last summer was a blur of camps, pool parties, and family vacations that felt like it would never end. While there were fun filled days, it felt like you were even busier than when the kids were in school so this summer you took it easy. No structured camps or classes, lots of impromptu activities like getting ice cream and visiting that made for a more relaxed summer. Now it’s time to get into the back to school routine and you’re not ready. Newsflash: neither are your kids. Here are some things you can do to make the transition easy and maybe even fun for all of you.

Include Kids in the Process 

Grab the school supply list and make it a game for the kids...or take them one at a time for mommy or daddy and me dates. Make it special for each of you so it doesn’t feel so stressful. Go out in the morning, find the supplies, and go to lunch and ice cream. No one says school shopping has to be done in a day nor while dragging the entire family.

Choose Your Battles 

I have a friend that chooses her clothes and accessories the night before so she doesn’t have to think about what she’s wearing. On their busiest days, she is known to be found in pajama pants and a tank top in the carpool line. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. The kids are at school where they need to be. She is comfortable and everyone can move on with their day.

To aid in the morning routine, she selects two outfits each for her kids. They can only choose from these outfits when they’re getting ready in the morning. On those days when she just needs to get everyone to school and the kids aren’t co-operating, she lets them mix and match outfits. She says it’s easier to choose your battles than fight over whether striped shorts and a plaid shirt match. She isn’t concerned with the image as much as making sure her kids are respectful and happy.

Pack a Lunch 

If you’re concerned with what is served at school make packing lunches part of the evening routine. You can ask your kids to help so they are also part of the process and can learn how to make healthy lunch choices...or at least pick which Lunchable they want to have the next day.

The more you integrate the kids into the back to school routine, the better they may be at getting out of bed at the first post-summer alarm. If you’re looking for a Wadsworth area after school or weekend activity, check out our schedule and let’s get them registered!

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