Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Remember when you’d leave your house in a costume, go trick or treating, and return home to show your parents the loot? Those days are long gone. We may have grown up with plastic masks that we could barely see through but times have changed. Stranger danger is the real deal...and so are creepy clowns.

Safety First

No matter how your children answer the question of what they want to be for Halloween, choose a costume that is made of safe, non-allergenic, non-toxic materials. They should be able to see in all directions and understand that while they may be having fun, it’s important to be within sight of their accompanying adult. (And yes, accompany the kids!) If they’re out at night, consider adding reflective tape to their costumes so they’re easily visible by drivers and other trick or treaters.

Get involved in the community. Local events offered by Wadsworth and surrounding areas are great options as there are a lot of adults supervising the kids and treats.

No Clowning Around

Even if the creepy clown craze is a hoax, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Refrain from clown or similar costumes. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken for the creepy version even if you’re just trying to have fun on Halloween. Encourage children to share social media posts and follower requests from clowns and strangers so they’re not lured into a bad situation.

Carving Precautions

Getting the family or neighborhood together for apple cider, snacks, and pumpkin carving is a great idea but we caution you to be careful. Kids and knives don’t mix well so provide alternative, safer options like carving kits and adult supervision or avoid carving altogether. Opt instead for markers, glitter pens, and fabric decorations for your jack-o-lantern.

In the good ol’ days mom provided a candle for the Halloween pumpkins but we recommend a safer battery-operated candle instead. It’s safer and you don’t have to worry about causing a fire.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for you or the kids when you plan ahead and take precautions. It’s all about the fun of seeing friends in costume and celebrating fall!

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