Healthy Eating Even When the Holiday Treats are Calling Your Name

If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve likely got active kids and you’re conscious of what they’re eating. While we know we can pack healthy snacks for when they’re on the road at gymnastics or cheerleading practice and competitions, they’re still kids. And kids love snacks of all kinds. This time of year it’s especially important to continue to instill healthy eating, even when the holiday treats are calling your name (or your kids’ names).

Everything in Moderation

This is as important for kids as it is for the adults in their lives. We live in a society where goods and services are available almost instantly. The world moves fast and many of us tend to overdo the eating and drinking through the holiday season. We could slow down and use a bit of moderation.

  • Eat a well-balanced meal before going to a holiday party. It will be less tempting to overeat.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can feel like hunger and if you’re in front of an endless buffet of holiday treats, it could mean overeating when you really need a glass of water.
  • Keep healthy snacks available. Kids eat what you give them so when you can, provide healthy snacks like apples, oranges, and string cheese.

Whether it’s snacks, cookies, and sugary drinks for the kids or company party goodies and adults-only beverages for you, we all need to be careful of how much we’re eating and drinking while not abandoning an exercise program. Easier said than done and I totally get that.

Keep Moving

Your exercise through the winter may need to be modified but it shouldn’t be abandoned. The holiday treats are calling your name and that’s okay. Get creative with exercise.

  • Walk the neighborhood to see holiday lights.
  • Play tag, hide and go seek, or football before heading to a party.
  • Sled riding, shoveling snow, and skiing.
  • Help with housework.

The kids might not like that last one but remind them Santa is on his way and the Elf on the Shelf is watching. The key to healthy eating even when the holiday treats are calling your name is to balance food with exercise, even if you have to get a little bit creative.

And of course, keep the kids enrolled at Powerhouse Gymnastics and Cheer in Wadsworth!

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