Why Ninja Zone Makes Sense for Kids

I have a stepson who is full of energy from the time he wakes up to the time his head hits the pillow. Just watching him exhausts me but his dad and I have to do what we can to keep him busy and engaged in school and after school. If this sounds like someone in your house, it’s time to consider Ninja Zone at Powerhouse Gymnastics and Cheer in Wadsworth.

Who is a good fit for Ninja Zone?

When my stepson comes home from school, he is immediately active. He’s chasing the dog around the yard. He’s hitting a practice tennis ball against the wall. Or he’s bothering his older brothers who are likely focused on completing homework and not on an indoor tennis lesson. (The tennis is frowned upon but we choose our battles like I am sure you do too!)

If that sounds like your kid, they’re a good fit for our program!

We all want our children to succeed in school, sports, and life. For some kids, it means channeling their energy and impulses into focused goals. That’s where Powerhouse can help.

While at the Ninja Zone, kids are coached and mentored on focusing their energy on specific tasks like spinning, rolling, flipping, and kicking. They’re learning to use their bodies and minds together which can be helpful for your budding athlete; they can take those skills to the court or field. They will be a better teammate and student because they’re focused on the task in front of them and not the million thoughts running through their head.

It’s all work but it’s also fun.

  • Obstacle course training teaches strength and agility.
  • Freestyle movement teaches creativity.
  • Gymnastics teaches total body control.
  • Martial arts teaches discipline.

With the added exercise you will find your child is less hyper, more focused, and sleeping better.

The team at Powerhouse understands that sometimes as parents we have to let kids play indoor tennis because we just don’t know what else to do. Luckily we’ve got Ninja Zone to help us channel their energy into something more positive! Join us for a class today!

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