Prevention Tips for Cold and Flu Season

It’s November. The temperature outside has dropped which means the kids are indoors a lot more until the end of cold and flu season. Not only is it a potentially trying time for parents to keep the family active, but it’s challenging to keep everyone healthy.

Seems like one sick kid gets the whole family sniffling and coughing but it doesn’t have to be that way with these prevention tips for cold and flu season in Wadsworth.

Healthy Eating

All too often we hear busy families say they’re getting burgers for dinner and we cringe. The healthier option is to plan in advance. Fast and processed food might be the simple, easy choice for busy families but it’s not helping grow healthy kids. These foods compromise immune systems and contribute to obesity and related conditions like diabetes.

A better choice? Dust off the crock pot and blender for quick healthy meals and snacks.

Well balanced meals include protein (chicken, beef, fish), vegetables, and carbohydrate. Opt for green beans or carrots instead of high-carb corn. Ditch the white potatoes in favor of the sweet variety which are better for for sugar levels in the blood. In our cold winters, there’s almost nothing better than soups and stews! Google Crock Pot recipes or search Pinterest for ideas for meals your family will love that are also healthy.

We can’t stress the importance of dark berries, leafy greens, and drinking water in the battle against cold and flu. Kids don’t like fruits and veggies? Throw berries and leafy greens in the blender with a good fat like an avocado, unsweetened almond milk, and a dash of honey, and call it a milkshake!

Healthy Habits

Maintaining health through the winter isn’t just about what we’re eating. It’s also about healthy habits like washing hands frequently, avoiding sharing cups and water bottles, and staying home when we’re feeling under the weather.

Want to know why when one kid gets sick the whole family or school is ill? It’s likely because we’re not staying home to take care of ourselves and our families at the first sign of a cold or flu.

Lack of appetite, low grade fever, less than normal energy, irritability, runny or stuffy nose, and nausea point to signs that your child (or you) is getting sick. Keep them home a day and fill them with vitamin C and fluids. Let their bodies rest. (And if you’re experiencing these symptoms, we recommend you staying home too! Your officemates will appreciate you more when you return happy and healthy.)

Giving your body the food and rest it needs is important not just in cold and flu season, but all year! As lives get more hectic with the holidays, remember to rest so your body is ready to fight whatever comes along this winter.

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