Show Your Love Without Sugar this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that makes us cringe a little. As a Wadsworth center that specializes in getting kids active, we would rather promote how to show your love without the sugar whether it’s for this holiday or any day during the year!

Celebrate Your Love

When you gather with your family, does the party include food? For most of us it does and for many families the foods, sadly, aren’t the healthy options. For the day of love we bring each other chocolates or candy hearts and prepare a meal that includes a sweet dessert. This is right after a Super Bowl party and it feels like we just can’t get on track when it comes to our health.

Instead of focusing on how many days we’ve been away from healthy foods, let’s think of ways to celebrate your love that include healthier options. Go for a walk or take the kids sledding. Host a dance party or a healthy potluck dinner. Challenge yourself and your loved ones to find healthy replacements for your favorite foods.

Healthier Options

Rather than reaching for the milk chocolate, show your love with organic dark chocolate melted over fresh or frozen berries. For Friday night pizza, make cauliflower pizza crust and have the kids add their own toppings like turkey pepperoni, low fat cheese, and vegetables. Healthier doesn’t mean you go without the foods you love; it means teaching your family about other options that are available.

When eating out - because we know busy families can’t cook at home every night - ditch the burrito and opt for meat and vegetables over rice or wrap the burger in lettuce instead of the white flour bun.

Be the Example

Kids learn from what they see the adults in their lives doing. Be the example and show your love by being polite and holding doors. Be tolerant in the language you use when referring to current events or local happenings. Be healthy in the food and drink choices you make and provide to your children.

You are the world for your kids and the example they follow. Why not show your love in ways that create healthy families and communities. And if your child is active and interested, we’d love to talk to you about becoming part of our gymnastics family!

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