Teaching Kids About Teamwork

Teaching kids about teamwork is more than calling yourself coach and telling them what to do. It's about connecting them to you, to each other, and to their community. Through the competitive gymnastics program here at Powerhouse Wadsworth, we not only provide gymnastics training. We teach children about being healthy, being part of a team, and how to apply what they learn to the world outside the gym.

It has been proven that children who participate in competitive sports don’t just become better at their chosen sport, they are also winners in the classroom and workforce.

We believe the reason for this success is that they respect themselves and others, listen to their coaches and teammates, and are accountable for their actions and reactions. From a young age, we’re coaching kids on how to be part of an organization that is bigger than themselves, their families, and their school.

They’re part of a team that, when you think about it, operates like an employer group.

  • There are roles for each player.
  • Balancing your work and the goals of the team are both important to success.
  • They’re part of a bigger mission than just winning for themselves.

Even if they don’t always win, we want them to be confident that they tried their best and evaluate what they could improve individually and as a group for the next meet.

Teaching kids about teamwork means not only coaching them to success as individuals but as a gymnastics team. Each person has to do their part for the team to be successful.

I love when I hear professional athletes credit their coaches and teammates with their success because the reality is that while they are the face of the championship or gold medal, they couldn’t do it alone. The younger we can teach this to our children, the better for all of us. As adults who were well-coached, we understand the value of mentorship, what it means to win and to lose, and the importance of having a team with whom you can work.

Kids who are part of teams are connected to their community in a different way than other kids. Our coaches strive to teach them gymnastics but also what it means to work as part of a team. It takes the focus and hard work of all of them to make them successful. Even if we don’t win every meet, we teach the value of trying their best and working on improving their skills. We can all learn from being part of a team whether it’s at work, as a coach, or as a parent.

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