5 Reasons for Kids Doing Gymnastics

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You understand the importance of preparing your child to have a successful life. There are many things that you can do to help your child realize their full potential. Making sure your child gets a good education and eats healthy foods are just some examples. One of the most important things you can do, however, is to encourage your child to get involved in sports. Participating in gymnastics, in particular, offers many benefits. This article will describe five reasons you should enroll your child in gymnastics.

1. Kids Doing Gymnastics is an Outlet

If your kids jump on the sofa, slide down the banister, or swing on the chandelier, then it may be time to enroll them in gymnastics. Kids doing gymnastics have an outlet for their energy. Instead of jumping on your furniture, kids doing gymnastics will learn to tumble, flip, and jump in a safe and furniture-free environment.

2. Self-discipline

Gymnastics helps teach your child how to set and achieve goals. Gymnastics is not easy, and in order to succeed in gymnastics, your child must put in many hours of practice. The more hours your child invests into practicing gymnastics the better he or she will become. By improving his or her skills through practice, your child will learn that with hard, consistent work, he or she can achieve good results. This is a priceless life lesson.

3. Physical Health

Regular exercise is important in keeping your child healthy. Experts recommend that children between the ages of 6 and 17 get about 1 hour of exercise per day. The best way to get children to exercise is through activities they enjoy. It is much more desirable to put a child who likes to tumble, stretch, and jump into gymnastics rather than force him or her into a regimented exercise program. When exercising is fun for your child, you are much less likely to be met with rebellion and your kid’s insistence on staying inside to surf the web.

4. Social Development

Making friends is a key part of your child’s emotional and social development. A great place your child to meet friends is at gymnastics class. There your child can interact with other children who share his or her interests and enthusiasm. These friendships could last years and will give him or her a peer support system that would be impossible for you to provide on your own.

5. Flexibility 

Both literally and figuratively, gymnastics develops flexibility. Kids doing gymnastics warm up with stretches that eventually enable them to do splits. Physical flexibility is beneficial because it helps prevent injuries and improve performance.  More importantly than being able to do the splits, a budding gymnast learns how to be mentally flexible. Kids doing gymnastics learn that events do not always go according to plan, especially when participating in a competition. It takes flexibility to rise above the challenges of unexpected events. The flexibility that your child learns in the gym can improve other areas of his or her life as well.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of having your child participate in gymnastics are clear. Gymnastics is an outlet for energetic kids, develops self-discipline, helps keep your child healthy, facilitates new friendships, and develops mental and physical flexibility. In short, enrolling your child in gymnastics helps your child have a bright future.  For more information on enrolling your child at Powerhouse, call us today!

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  1. My daughter is a little bit of a wild child, and so I have been considering putting her into gymnastics so that she can learn self-discipline. I like the idea that she will be spending many hours putting time and effort into something which will harness that wildness. She might have ADHD, though, but do you think that will be an issue?

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