What age is good to start my child in gymnastics?

You have an active child who won’t stop running until they’re exhausted. They run and jump. They flip themselves over furniture. Sounds like you may have a prospective gymnast at your house!

While we’d love to say we’ve developed the next Gabby Douglas, we don’t want to rush children into programs before they’re ready. Gymnastics should be fun.

We’re often asked, “What age is good to start my child in gymnastics?” and the answer is that at 24 months old kids can start tumbling classes. We’re just getting them used to the idea of being in a class environment while giving their bodies time to develop.

In toddler classes, kids are basically learning to move to a beat and burn off steam. They won’t be doing tricks like somersaults and flips for another couple of years. Moms and dads may even want to stay to guide them through their first sessions.

As their bodies develop, children 4-6 years old can begin learning basic body positioning like tuck, straddle, and roll. They should be able to follow directions because once these skills are mastered, they’re ready for walking on the balance beam.

How do you know they’re ready for a preschool gymnastics class? Your three or four year old should be able to sit through story time without getting distracted. They’re kids and they get distracted but if you’re holding them down just for a quick read, they’re not ready for gymnastics yet. They’ve got to be able to sit and listen to the instructor.

There’s no harm in waiting until later to start gymnastics. Just ask Brazilian World Champion Gymnast Daine dos Santos who didn’t start until she was 12 years old! If your child is asking about gymnastics or you're interested in learning more about us, we encourage you to visit Powerhouse Gymnastics to experience our facility and meet staff and students.

If you have questions about if it’s time to start your child in gymnastics or are ready for a class, contact us today!

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