How to Help Your Child Set and Reach Goals

Your child wants to be the next Simone Biles the 2016 Olympic gold medal gymnast so where do you begin in mentoring them through the process? Being in the Olympics is a huge goal and while only the smallest portion of athletes reach the level, there is a lot they can learn not only about gymnastics and competition but about how to set and reach goals.

Bite size pieces

Setting an Olympic sized goal is HUGE. Congratulations for being a parent whose kids reach for the stars, however far the stars may be. Remind them, and yourself, there is a path of smaller steps to meeting the big goal. Name those steps so they can see their progress.


One of the reasons we suggest setting small goals is to increase your child’s self-confidence as they reach for their big goal. Kids who are more confident at sports, excel in other parts of their life as well.


Their success or failure is dependent in part on their level of participation. Focused, consistent hard work get them farther than if they’re taking a couple of classes a week.

Trying their best

In the age of participation trophies, it can be challenging to teach kids the value of trying their best and not winning the big prize. As a competitive gymnast, your child will build confidence and resilience for future endeavors. Whether it’s not getting an A on a test or not getting into their dream college, there are lessons to be learned in the process of focusing and putting their best effort into a task.

And that resilience, with the support of parents and coaches, builds perseverance that they will need in the gym and for the rest of their lives.

If you’ve got a child with big gymnastics dreams, we’re here to support them - and you - here at Powerhouse Gymnastics and Cheer in Wadsworth. Call us today to learn more about the classes that are currently available. We look forward to working with you and your child.

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